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Good idea, needs better execution

I really liked this concept
i guess you can really get higher scores if you make a few changes:
set a higher framerate
set a timer, before starting, so the player isnt threw in the middle of alot of balls without even seeing whats going on
reduce the font soze of the you win/lose, and change the font
add borders to your game, it will be nicer
some music(DONT FORGET A MUTE BUTTON) is cool too
4/5 until now :)

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needs more work

snake games are usually played in a grid fashion
like, when you move, you move in tiles
in this you aren't sure of the amount you moved, and i could more like. half a ball, instead of a whole one
i died against the stage edge because i needed to get a ball there wasnt really a way to tell you how much could i get nearer to the wall without dying
change your snake to squares or make it more tileish
work up on the layout
add some music
and why is this in sports - casino & gambling genre? O_o

ir0N-H3aD responds:

tnx i fixed it


You could add/change:
- sound effects
- the amount of balls that falls being small when you start and increase as time passes on, so theres a difficulty
- change the background or make the balls falling more noticeable
- falling balls with different sizes, they could get bigger in the longer run too
- different falling speeds
- a limited amount of power ups you could use, i dont know, like, makes the balls falling avoid your ball for a few seconds
keep working :)

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PowerSource responds:

Thanks for the ideas!
I will hopefully do all of your suggestions in the sequel.

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